Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Dan Tyminski Band

Last weekend we went to see the Dan Tyminski Band. They're a blue-grass band with a lot of talent. Kelvin was especially tired, but Susie absolutely loved it.

Probably the most entertaining was the dancing. The venue changed due to the weather to "The Independent" on Van Ness. Needless to say, there was a lot of people really loving the music. It reminded me of this video clip that I have...especially the "Whitey Hop"

Simon's First Christmas

Well, here's Simon. We have a little chair that attaches to the table. Here he sits patiently (rarely) waiting for food to come. We took this chair with us as we traveled to Pasadena and Phoenix for Christmas this year.

Below is what we really ended up doing most of the time in Pasadena. Susie read a book. I watched a bunch of movies with my brother and he ended up surfing the web as much as he could.
Simon wants a piece of the action. Gnawing on things is his favorite. It's the best.

We discovered that Simon really likes the swing. There was a park around the corner and we stopped by as often as we could. Grandma Ning tried to "Shanghai" the boy out to the park before he had his lunch.
With driving and work schedules, we ended up doing Christmas at the Ning home on Christmas Eve. Simon, of course, had no idea what was going on. But he loved the toys and especially his bath ducks.

We then headed to Phoenix. We drove straight thru and it seemed quicker. Probably because there were a lot of mini-cities along the way. Susie started to get nostalgic and remember trips she would take with her family across the same highways.

Marco and Polo tried to take advantage of as much sun as they could. It was quite cold...and they tried to keep their bellies warm.

Simon pretty much knows when the camera's pointing at him. He either sits and smiles, or he charges. This time he charged. He has a little bit of rug-fuzz on his chin.

The Robinson Tree was large and incharge.

With every passing day, the angel on top of the tree would learn just a bit further forward.

Santa gave us a Dyson Hand vacuum for Christmas. Davis loves cleaning so here he is vacuuming up the fake snow from the floor.