Sunday, July 15, 2007

Simon the Frequent Flyer

Grandma and Grandpa Ning decided to come up and visit Simon. As new grandparents, they've decided to come up as often as they can to make sure they're his Favorite People to see. :)

Susie and I took advantage of the "free" babysitting and did something we hadn't been able to do in a long time: go to the Temple.

We even added some extra flare to the experience and had lunch at Zachary's Pizza afterewards. Definitely well worth the trip.

Simon had some words for Grandpa...he wanted to make sure he would be treated well.

Simon has been a bit fussy. We think he's teething. He's been a bit difficult to transfer. So Susie's here letting Simon take a quick well needed rest with her.

Simon has Susie's feet

4th of July we all flew to Jackson Hole Wyoming to visit his other grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Robinson helped us in taking care of Simon as well.

A view of the Grand Tetons from the back yard.

A view of the 3 Creeks golf course from the back yard.

Simon's happy with Grandma Robinson

We had some problems getting home. Long delays thru Denver made us miss our connecting flight. Simon couldn't take it anymore and passed out. He's a great traveler.

Susie got a new cell phone which takes great pictures.
Simon's sitting in his Bumbo Chair.