Friday, June 18, 2010

Titus Samuel Ning

Well, we finally decided to name the boy:

Titus Samuel Ning...

We love you Titus, and can't wait to see if your hair goes blond in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing, the latest edition to the Ning Family!!!

Yup...that's right...another baby. With Simon being 3 years 2 months, all of the boys are exactly 19 months apart from each other.

This morning it was a bit surreal, waking up, tending the boys, having a huge breakfast, putting them down for naps, then going to the hospital to deliver.

Here I am with our OB Dr. O'Callahan. I was waiting outside the doors while Susie was getting prepped for surgery.

Kelvin gave Susie a blessing prior to the procedure to make sure everything would go well. And, as expected, everything did. We haven't named him yet (taking suggestions) but he came out 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches long. Here I caught him with his feet still inside. He looks like he dove out.

Here he is getting washed up. He has a bit of a soft cry, but would not open his eyes for hours. He has Kelvin's nose, Susie's hands and toes, and for now, his hair is dark brown.

Here's the proud papa.

About 40 minutes after delivery, Susie is looking great!!! At the time, she couldn't feel her legs, but she was feeling good.

Having 3 boys, 3 years and 2 months apart will certain mean we'll need multiple fridges and cooking classes in the home may come early so that they can help in the feeding process. They may all be in High School together and for sure all of them will be in College together.

We are very proud of our children, and love them all so much. They are truly the great source of joy in our lives. Thanks for everyone who has helped us so far...more to post once we pick a name. :)

Uncle Taylor gets married...

That's right, Taylor is officially off the market. As my single's ward Bishop said years ago to our Elder's Quorum, "Let's face it gentlemen, we're all a bunch of 5's looking for 10's." Tay found himself a 10.

Can you tell what the wedding colors were?

Simon enjoyed doing his favorite game of all with his cousins...

"Come and get me!!!!"

Aunt Denise made it to the wedding and also was able to see her grand-daughter Maggie.

At around 7pm, Miles decided he was done for the night. He couldn't use words, but the look he gave me was sufficient.

Susie's sister Annie made cupcakes for the event. They were delicious...especially all the frosting.

Congratulations Tay and Kelcie. It was a joyous event we are all so proud of you both.

Mormon Helping Hands

So, apparently, on May 8th, all of California's LDS wards were involved in a service project beautifying State and Federal parks. For the Palo Alto 2nd Ward, we were in charge of selecting the project. We chose to remove invasive weeds from the Baylands.

Specifically, we were to remove all mustard plants, anise, and Italian thistle.

Simon enjoyed himself and the crew definitely loved playing while they worked.

Here's a group shot of all of us who participated in the event. With a lot of transient families going through the event, we probably had upwards of 45 people helping throughout the morning. It was a fun morning spent doing service with friends.

Simon turns 3

For Simon's 3rd Birthday...we decided not to do a party. First of all, April was a busy month for the Nings, and secondly, he doesn't really care.

Instead, we took him to eat Dim Sum and put some candles on an egg custard which he loves to eat with a spoon. He does great blowing out candles.

We found ourselves in Phoenix for a wedding, and we took Simon to visit his Uncle Tay. Tay assured us that his room was kiddie proof and then he emerged with his wake-board. We didn't think he could do anything with it, but all by himself, he figured out how to do this...

Easter Games

This year, we were fortunate enough again to be invited to the Annual Kokanovich Easter Egg Fight. How do you fight with Easter Eggs you ask? Well, here are some steps below:

Step 1: Boil and decorate some Easter Eggs. Here the lovely Julie Smith is showing off her paisley designed eggs she made using some old ties she found.

Step 2: Pick an opponent
Step 3: Attack your opponent's egg by hitting it once with yours
Step 4: Check to see which egg has been cracked. The person with the "whole" egg wins and moves on to another round. (see images below)

It was a fun event. Kelvin never makes it past the first round. He's tempted to do a Design-of-Experiment to see which factors makes the egg more indestructible.

During the party, Simon found a Pith hat.'s a cool looking hat. Funny thing is that the pith hat was an adult's hat...and it seems to fit Simon's head quite nicely.

Several times during the activity, Miles was confused for this kid. I think there's a bit of a resemblance.

Miles spent most of the day going up and down these stairs.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Simon and Miles...

Miles is really starting to show his personality a lot more. He's being more playful and a bit more of a ham for the camera.

Simon has ALWAYS been a bit of a clown...

This is a classic look from Miles...he gives us this same look every time he's about to do something we probably would not approve.

Here Simon is at Happy Hollow (San Jose) with some of his close friends Luke and John Carlston. He seriously loves roller-coasters. He couldn't wait for "Simon's Turn" to get on the ride. It's so great to be able to provide so much joy to your kids.

Here is a rare moment where both Simon and Miles enjoyed eachother's company in such tight quarters. Of course...splitting a Jamba Juice between the two of them didn't hurt.