Monday, December 1, 2008

Simon finds his Nose

For nearly 2 months now, Kelvin and Susie have been asking Simon, "Where's your nose?" to no avail of getting a correct response. Usually he just gets frustrated and hides his face. Today though, he finally started pointing the right direction.

What part of his face should we have him point to next?


This year was Kelvin's turn to do Thanksgiving. Susie is usually the head-chef with Thanksgiving, but with the recent delivery of Miles, she took the role as "Back-Seat" Chef.

Cary had a couple of buddies who needed a place to celebrate Thanksgiving. Kelvin made enough food for leftovers for a week.

Kelvin always makes the pies. This year he even made a great flaky crust for all of the pies. We made a couple too many considering the group in attendance.

Adjusting to having #2

Miles has been a blessing to our lives. We've enjoyed his mild demeanor and how much he just sleeps. He eats every 2.5 to 3 hours, but he doesn't cry super hard about it. He cries the hardest while his diaper is being changed. Otherwise, it's mostly a cat-cry.

Here's what he does best for now...

As Susie gets some much needed rest, Kelvin is left taking care of Rosa, Simon and Miles.

How is Simon adjusting? He squirms and giggles when we bring Miles over to him. He doesn't feel any loss of attention...yet. Simon is completely weened off of the binky, but then we found him doing this with the rice pot lid. Simon does pick-up Miles' binky now and then, but he mostly only plays with the handle.

Rosa also is enjoying all of the old equipment that we've pulled out of storage. Rosa enjoys sleeping in Miles' day-bed. If we want her off of it, we end up placing large objects in there to deter her entry.