Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally caught him on video...

When I was out on a work trip, I came home and Susie had bought Simon a jumper. We had always suspected that he would like it...because when you hold him, he always jumps up and down. I was mostly just worried about the floor real estate. But as you can see from the pictures...he LOVES to jump.
We tried so many times to get him jumping...but whenever the camera points he gets shy. We hop he outgrows that...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Parties and Cellphone pics

Simon Size update:
Physician Visit: August 22, 2007
Weight: 17 lb 4 oz
Length: 27.5 inches's been about a month now since the last update. The Nings haven't done much in terms of fun and exciting travel. We did have a couple of exciting things going on though. Simon had his first experience in the pool. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures of it. But a lot of friends (mostly guys) tried a lot of cool flips off the diving board. Here's Stu's brother, David, doing a back flip. He's trying to avoid hitting his head on the board so he ran pretty fast to get momentum away from the board. Yes, the pastey white guy is Jared trying to nail him with a nerf football.Cary also came up to help feed Simon. Maybe he'll place this picture up on his work computer to replace Simon's picture on the Bumbo chair.

One afternoon, I came home and met Susie and Simon at the beach. They went for a stroll. Simon really liked the beach so he fell asleep.

For "Men-richment" (Elder's Quorum Activities) we had an Iron Chef competition. The secret dessert ingredient was Oreo Cookies. Brad decided to make deep-fried Oreos which were awesome. We had to open the church kitchen windows to air-out the burnt smell...but they tasted good.

He kind of looks like Mr. Incredible. By the time I made the connection, his wife, Nancy, said people have been telling them that for quite awhile.

For awhile now, Susie's been taking pictures on her camera. Recently we bought a microSD card so we could pull the images off without actually having to send them to an email for retrieval. Susie got some classic shots of Simon in the meantime.