Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Hams

Simon's first Easter, and Grandma Ning wanted to make sure he was dressed for it. Several weeks ago she asked for a couple of measurements, and whipped up this great looking linen suit. His Uncle Cary wanted to check out his new Spring duds so we brought him over for some pictures. The lighting was bad, but I couldn't resist showing how happy he was to get his pictures taken.
Easter morning, the Easter bunny left Simon a box with 5 plastic eggs, each with a single dark chocolate M&M. We taught him how to shake and open them to find the chocolate surprise. He had a couple other toys, but his latest trick is now making an echo sound in anything he can put his mouth into.

Palo Alto, 94303

So, we did the move. Thanks to all the boxes and the painful process of downsizing, we have discouraged several people from wanting to move. Yes, we also successfully moved the project car out of the garage before the Benton's moved in. :)

Based on our address, the church group we would be attending is the Palo Alto 2nd Ward. Susie and I joke around and call Oregon Expressway the dividing line between the Billionaires, and the Millionaires. We've enjoyed it so far, and the church members have been so warm and inviting. we still dearly miss our friends in San Francisco.

Simon is enjoying the backyard (Yes, we have a backyard) and he is learning how to play in the dirt. His latest trick is the crab-walk. He is so close to walking. He can stand-up on his own, and prefers to hold to your finger with his right hand while you escort him wherever he wants to go.

As you can see, Simon has also learned to eat dirt.

We hope to enjoy this area as much as we did San Francisco. Things have changed since the last time I lived here; Susie found the Dairy Queen accidentally and now all is right with the world. Hopefully all will be in place in the next couple of weeks.
For those looking for a new address, let me know, and we'll send it out to you.