Friday, October 15, 2010

Summer Wrap up.

So, the following people have made personal requests for updates:
- Karisa Winkel
- Lindy Burgon
- Lillian Ning
- Lanie Wilkinson
- Tannya McFarland

This next hour of writing and editing is dedicated to all-y'all...I do have to say, that comments on our posts really do help encourage us to keep writing. :)

Here's the Ning Summer wrap-up:

The Daniel's were upset again that Kelvin couldn't make it to Lake Powell. With a change in jobs (again) he couldn't pull away. :(

Titus enjoyed time with mommy and all the attention from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

I think Susie and Kelvin can both admit that Simon's the easiest to take care of out of the 3. Miles however has been really getting his personality in. He's always been slightly allergic to chocolate, but it's been hot and hard to deny him the occasional chocolate ice cream cone.

It doesn't matter who it is, Miles has had the innate desire to just sit on top of them...especially when watching TV.

Grammy came out to help for a couple of days with the baby. It was great to have her here.

Miles can't keep his hands off of Titus. None of us are sure what this means in terms of his relationship with Simon. Simon will come by and give an occasional kiss to Titus, but Miles seriously gets excited when he sees Titus; to the point where he'll roll on top of him and wake him up.

Danny and Liz were some of the first to come by and visit us at the home. I think Danny looks like an old pro with Titus.
Not only will Miles not leave Titus alone...but he and Simon can't keep their hands off of Titus' toys.
As Kelvin was leaving one job and going to another...the Ning family took a week off to drive south, visit family, and relax.

The first stop was in Monterey, then a quick drive down to Pismo Beach. Simon absolutely loved the water. Kelvin had to chase him down just to make sure he didn't go too far in.

Miles liked it...sort-of...but after awhile I think he just started to get cold.

We did a quick visit to see Nate and Cari Owen (Susie's Sister). Sadly enough, the only kids there was Mile's twin cousin Annie. They had tons of fun hanging out and playing together.

Kelvin decided to wait awhile for Grace to come home...he fell asleep on her bed. :) was off to Grandma and Grandpa Ning.

Grandma was especially excited about taking the boys for the first time to Disneyland. This is Miles' first ride ever. He enjoyed it...just a little.

We weren't sure what to do about all of the Disney characters. It was end of summer and the place was packed!!! We stuck to the rides...and Simon learned the true meaning of "waiting in line..."

Simon couldn't get pulled away from the rides.

It got hot...and we had to get the boys some Slurpee.

We really wore out Grandma and Grandpa.