Sunday, September 9, 2007

Elder Tay is home!!!

Well, the family travels again. This time we're headed Susie's brother, Tay, come back from serving his mission for the LDS Church. Susie had been counting down to this day for weeks. I'm not sure who was the most excited to see him: Susie? Brit? or the parents? He served 2 years in the Denver Colorado mission. Annie made the welcome home banner that was hanging out the balcony on their way in from the airport.

I highlighted the flight that Taylor took. He arrived a little bit early. I told myself he's the kind of guy that might take an earlier flight and just meet us all at the house in a cab. He told us afterwards that he had the opportunity but missed it by 5 minutes.

Sam was pretty excited to see his boy. The couple of letters from Sam showed just how excited he was to see his son strong in the gospel, and that one day we would experience that kind of joy with Simon.

Sam was the first to give him a hug at the airport. We nearly had to peel him away so others could get a chance.

Susan was just as glad to see her Taylor home. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but he got a bit taller, and his hair's a little bit thinner.

Getting closer and closer to look just like his father.

As you can tell, everyone was just really excited to see him. I saw that Sam took a camera, and everyone was poised with theirs, but I knew no one would be shooting off their camera as much as I would. So I made sure everyone got their fair share of hugs while I captured the moments.

We received a lot of congratulations from those standing around waiting also at the airport. Oddly everyone decided to gather around by the window where the bright Phoenix sun comes straight into the camera lens. :) Sam's camera also ran out of hopefully everyone gets a chance to see these photos.

Susie, Simon and Elder Tay get a chance to get reacquainted while Sam and Susan try to gather the troops together for a group photo.
You can see Grace at the bottom there, trying to help out as well. In all reality, I don't know who Grace was more excited to see, Elder Tay or Uncle Kelvin. She was really...REALLY excited to see Uncle Kelvin.
The final group all gathered together.

"I'm off to get my luggage!!"