Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rinconada Pool

The city of Palo Alto has a lot of parks. The Palo Alto 2nd Ward organized a group of families to go to Rinconada Park where they have a kiddie pool. Most of the pool maxes out at 18 inches deep. One section is like a beach; little kids can walk out and gradually get deeper into the pool.

Simon and his Mom had so much fun at the water park. Kelvin was able to stop by for a bit during lunch to play too (He just rolled up his jeans and walked into the water). Simon couldn't contain himself.

We were all amazed that eventually Simon walked up chest deep. If he fell over in the shallow end, he would try to stand-up by leaning forward and pushing his hands on the floor. This of course meant that he would start to drown himself. It was really funny to watch...of course we didn't let him drown.

After a big lunch and a 2.5 hour nap, we went to the Farmer's Market in Los Altos where we had some rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, and topped it off with a Nutella and Bananna Crepe. Simon had a full we finished him off with some milk and a movie. Mom and Dad were tired of watching Shrek 2, so we forced him to watch Monster's Inc.

First Hair-Cut

We decided enough was enough...time to cut Simon's hair. The last straw was probably how much food would get stuck in his hair when he was done eating. Below is one of the last shots of his original baby hair.

We had debated about taking him to some place...but Kelvin insisted he could cut it. In the bathroom sink he went. He fussed a bit but eventually we got it cut. He probably lost more hair than has remaining.

After dinner, Simon went to watch his favorite movie, Shrek 2. We watch it from beginning to end maybe twice a day. He can just sit there and watch it over and over again. He likes Shrek 1, but he absolutely loves Shrek 2. He gets all gitty when he sees the blue screen on the TV which says "DVD Loading."

Tide Pools

David and Michelle Parker invited us back up to join them at the Tide Pools at Moss Beach. We had been there before (Kelvin proposed to Susie there). We also went on a trip there when Jane Dukes offered to be the group docent. We met the Parkers and Mark and Paul Kokonovich's family to enjoy the morning.

Paula took a lot of great pictures of us on her new Nikon camera (Thanks Mark).
Simon had a great time looking at all of the marine life. We carried him thru the reefs because it was so slippery. Simon had a bit of trouble negotiating the sloping sand shore.

Afterwards we found mexican restaurant in Half-Moon Bay that was pretty good. We got there before the motorcyle street gang arrived.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Head first

Simon loves the park right around the corner. He'll go all by himself and just walk up and then down the slide.

I wish I could take credit for teaching him this, but it was really Susie who just let him do it all by himself.