Thursday, May 28, 2009


Simon got a couple of minutes in his room for this one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jackson Hole

So, it's been awhile, but I'm now reporting on our family trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. The flight was good practice for our trip to Hawaii. In retrospect, we probably packed too much just for the flight. We were separated also on both ways because apparently you can't have 2 lap children in the same row on the plane; something to do with the number of people vs. number of oxygen masks. Most of the passengers were really into the kids. There was one passenger who made it a point to get out of his seat, walk back, and tell us not to have Simon play with his toy that quacks like a duck until we touch down again. Once we touched down, several passengers encouraged Simon to commence maniacally playing with the quacking duck. :)

We loved watching the boys play with their cousins. Miles looked so happy...we were worried about him getting cold.

This was probably what Simon wore 85% of the entire trip. He was always about 5 minutes away from being ready to hit the snow.

Miles and his Cousin Annie Owen were both born on the same day. We call her his twin-cousin. Kelvin prefers the term "Twin-co".

Simon also spent some good time bonding with his Uncle Tay. He loved sitting on the chair with anyone who would watch Bolt.

The tickets to Jackson Hole were pretty cheap. Ski season was already at the tail end, and the snow was melting rapidly. This made the snow around the cabin a bit slushy but also perfect for sledding. Grace and Ben were sledding along the grounds of the cabin. Kelvin caught this video of the two just outside the dining room window. We all suspect that they wanted to maintain the element of surprise by not seeing where they were sledding. In the end, I think Ben got the bad end of this trip.

Simon is famous for putting "a lot" into his mouth. Whenever he can't hold all the food in his hands, he'll put some in his mouth, then grab the rest with his mouth. At a young age, he was able to put a whole binky in his mouth. This time, he stuffed an entire hard-boiled egg in his mouth. I don't even know if I can do it.

Here's a close-up of the event. He had to push the egg in front of his teeth in order to chew. We all would follow him around the house just to see the progress.

On one of the sled trips, we found this on Simon's forehead. It scabbed over nicely but we all were wondering how he got it.

Then we went through our film collection and thought to ourselves, "Maybe this was how he got it."

We all had such a great time with family. Simon loved walking around on the snow. He loves eating ice, so he often got out and would just start eating the snow. No matter how intense the sled ride, he would always get up and start walking back up the hill.

From this slide, you can hear Simon screaming with pure joy down the hill.

The car at the end of the sled ride was actually Susie's Mom. Don't worry, she saw Susie coming down the hills.

We loved the trip. Simon did such a good job on the plane. Miles was a dream. He was definitely loved by all at the cabin.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Simon turns 2

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since we received Simon. Last year we had a combined housewarming/birthday party...a bit more formal. This year we invited those who were in the area and that kids who played well with Simon...really trying to keep it small.

We focused on Simon's love for chocolate and fruit, and made him chocolate cookies with fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit.

It was a hot day, and thanks to Target, we were able to get a $7 "Slip-n-Slide" which he absolutely loved.

For everyone else, we made some of our famous BBQ Ribs, corn on the cob, and people brought some great salads. Simon really likes his he separated himself from all the attention to enjoy it himself.

We love that Simon...he continues to entertain us.