Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Nings leave San Francisco

Well, we did it! We found a place closer to Kelvin's work (15 min door-to-door). We've moving back to Palo Alto on March 8th. For several months we've been looking for something that would allow Kelvin more time with Simon. He ends up leaving for work 15 minutes after Simon wakes up, and coming home 15 minutes before he sleeps.

We'll be paying more for a smaller rental house, but it has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a big back yard. I'm trying to get my project car ('74 Triumph Spitfire/GT6 project) back on wheels so that I can at least tow it with me.

It has been a long struggle since we have so many great friends in San Francisco. The Sunset Ward has been the closest we've felt to a ward since growing up in our respective homes.

Even though we're really not that far away, we've decided to make a list of things we'll miss up here. For those who also left their hearts in San Francisco, please feel free to add to the list:
- Food (Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai Crab house, within walking distance)
- Friends
- Ferry Building, Farmer's Market
- Golden Gate Park (2 blocks away)
- Ocean Beach (7 blocks away)
- Shopping
- Telling people about the weird cold summers
- The Sunset Ward (Bishop Curtis et al.)
- Church Basketball on Tuesdays (Kelvin still may come up to play)
- Irving Street Food
- Union Square

30 seconds unattended

Since we've "baby-proofed" the house, we've been letting Simon roam around the house and pretty much own the place. Since we're usually in the living room when this happens, the only things we watch out for are the computer cables, Rosa's litter box (which he stuck his hand into a couple of days ago).

Yesterday he crawled into the bathroom. He usually beats on the seat like a drum. He was quiet for 30 seconds and we found him pulling out all the tissue out of the box.

He does the same thing with the wipies...he just pulls them out one at a time.