Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where do we go?

So, with the winds and rains of December, we started finding wet spots in the carpet in the boys' room. After pulling away the carpet we discovered a bit of mold in there.

Beyond our wildest dreams, the LandLord decided to evict us in order to fix the problem. So now we have found ourselves wondering the age-old question: Rent vs. Buy!!
Renting in Palo Alto is either paying $3000/mo for a comparable home, or stepping down to an apartment and paying nearly the same that we're paying now. We've toyed with leaving the area and have recently considered an area in San Jose called Willow Glen.

It's a cute little tree-lined street area and with the recent burst of the housing bubble, housing has actually started to get affordable. Schools you ask? Well, downtown isn't so great. Apparently most of the kids there get farmed out to private schools. But the peripheral (especially southern) parts of Willow Glen actually have great schools. What's the age and gender profile of the area? I found this online. (I know, very nerdy).

Apparently most of the residents are our age, and there are young kids. We encourage our friends to join us in the search for housing in San Jose. It's sad to leave Palo Alto, cool to try to find a house, even cooler if our friends could join us. :)

Unfortunately, in the meantime, we still have to get out of our Kelvin's going to be a road-warrior and visit the wife and kids in Phoenix while looking for suitable housing in San Jose. If you spot a Ning in Phoenix or in the Bay Area...take the time to say "Hi" before they move again...

Wish us luck...


LilMisfit said...

Sorry that you have to move! But wait... Susie is in Phoenix? I'll have to call that girl so that we can get together!


Lindy & Trever said...

Wow, big changes. Be sure to let us know where you land. Willow Glen is a great area!